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Below: Gerry Rothberg/Circus Magazine Editor and Publisher with Rock Band Kiss in Publication's NYC Headquarters



Below: Circus Magazine editor/publisher Gerry Rothberg with cast of Hair in photo for Cancer Society, No Smoking Campaign.

















In Circus Magazine publisher/editor Gerry Rothberg's office, with Ozzy Osbourne.


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On Deadspin: A.J. Daulerio's Insightful and Delicious Salute to Circus Magazine. A Love Letter To Circus, The Magazine That Made Me Dirty


The first magazine subscription I ever had was to this tawdry rock magazine, filled with sweaty images of heavy metal heroes, which completely ruined my obsession with sports. It was a Christmas gift from my parents. They regretted it soon after, when in January 1984, my posters of Moses Malone and Mike Schmidt were soon surrounded by crude cut-outs of a bleeding Mick Mars, an assless-chapped Chris Holmes, and George Lynch. My parents were concerned, mind you, as many parents were  ... Read More ...


Circus Magazine TV commercial from 1978

Alternate Version of Circus Magazine TV commercial


Running Away

With the Circus 
An Oral History 
of Circus Magazine

By Steven Ward


Rolling Stone is not the only rock magazine still publishing today that was founded in the late '60s; believe it or not, Circus magazine has appeared on newsstands, unabated, since 1968. And like Jann Wenner at Rolling Stone, Circus Publisher and Editor-in-Chief Gerald Rothberg is still at the helm. Rothberg actually started Circus in 1966, under the title, Hullabaloo. In the almost 40 years since, Circus has been many different kinds of music publication. It started out as a general interest rock magazine, running stories on classic rockers such as the Doors, Genesis, and Grand Funk Railroad. Later, Rothberg realized ... Read More ...

A vintage pic of editor/publisher of Circus Magazine, Gerry Rothberg and Grand Funk Railroad's Mark Farner.



Rock and Roll Music & Rock Bands. A 40 Year Journey With Circus Magazine by Gerald Rothberg, Founder, Editor/Publisher Circus Magazine  
I've never started a story in the beginning, it seems. So these remembrances of Circus Magazine will start, say a decade into its founding. It was then that I got the idea, of taking the rock 'n roll rag, weekly. As it turned out, not a brilliant idea. What we had begun to build up as a definitive rag of hard rock, morphed into editions with Miss Piggy in a centerfold, and New York infielder Bucky Dent on a cover
r CircusMagBuckyDent

But this idea wasn't all off the wall, as the issue will attest. This weekly edition dated February 18, 1979, featured sex educational  articles pertinent for

teenagers, music articles, a point of view piece about Elvis Costello leaving the New Wave music movement, the Bee Gees, Rod Stewart, and rock and roll, with AC/DC, Foreigner, Led Zeppelin

and more. It was my convoluted attempt, though I didn't realize it at the time to develop a publication within Rock and Roll music that was informative, entertaining, newsy and educational, all at once. Yikes!


If  blending rock and roll music and pop culture weren't tough enough, keeping a staff together and in sync was rougher. A whole new group of freelancers was necessary. The new writers were Fred Schruers, brought in by George Nobbe, and Al Aronowitz. formerly a Life Magazine writer. At the desk in the office was Carl Arrington from People Magazine and Mark Mehler from Record World. and Robert Smith, Kurt Loder and freelance work of David Fricke. Sound good? Yes, if you think Mount Vesuvius erupting is a docile noise. Well, I never saw it coming: the music staff and the non-music freelancers, did not blend.

Foremost on my mind at the time was to get recognition from post office and the printing company that we are a weekly magazine to be reckoned with. And, all the whistles and bells of smooth and fast transit should be awarded to Circus Magazine Weekly. Stay Tuned. To be continued. ..