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Circus Magazine got its start in 1966. I began publishing Circus as a general interest rock magazine, running stories on big-name rockers of the day. Later, I realized that the target audience of teenaged boys loved reading about their favorite rock stars over and over. I soon made it my priority to cover the top acts repeatedly. Circus covered all kinds of rock and pop music but always featured a large number of heavy metal and hard rock bands in its pages. My 40-year journey with Circus Magazine was an interesting ride — email me today to learn more about it. Read more about this iconic American magazine and watch some early TV commercials below.

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News & Notes from 3-22-2018
Rock Music, and Rock, and Roll Bands:

My 40 Year History with Circus Magazine
The Legendary Rock Music Publication

By J. G. Rothberg
Circus Magazine Founder, Editor, and Publisher

My history of Circus Magazine? Yes, that's a story I've been prompted to tell, for years. Now is the time. So, rather than wait a year, or two, or more for me to complete a manuscript, I thought it best to jot down notes as they entered my head. This way, information will be transmitted instantly. True, with all warts, and welts. But that makes the tale grittier, I suppose. Stay tuned, Dear Reader. History of rock music's legendary publication, Circus Magazine begins on April 2.

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