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"Memoirs of a Woman with Two Lovers"

Memoirs of a Woman with Two Lovers

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FREE! Read 5 Chapters of "Memoirs of a Woman With Two Lovers."

About Memoirs of a Woman with Two Lovers

In my historical novel of a changing American culture during the 1960s, I follow one woman, Anna, as she winds her way through the world of pop art, celebrity, and political icons. Memoirs of a Woman with Two Lovers sums up the conflicting emotions of the time, bringing together its idealism and its darker side. You especially won't want to miss how it ends! I urge you to join me on these pages to learn more about my novel.

I've authored three novels: "The Esau Swindle", "Love Song for Montana Greene", and my latest, "Memoirs of a Woman with Two Lovers". Now that I've turned a page in my career, I invite you to check out my latest novel — order it today from Amazon Books, and Barnes & Noble.

 "I love you, Marilyn Monroe. I love you. I want to be you."

Anna vividly remembers the moment Marilyn Monroe sang "Happy Birthday" to President John F. Kennedy in Madison Square Garden. Hundreds of miles away in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the 32-year-old is struck by Marilyn's beauty. Anna has just buried her mother and suffered through her father's death three months before. She is now aware that she is all alone in the world. Marilyn is never alone.

Anna, as a Marilyn Monroe look-alike, fully embraces the 1960s art scene. As she becomes emotionally invested in her impersonation, the line between art and reality begins to blur. Anna hopes to reconnect with Andy Warhol, her childhood friend. She may remember Andy as a former classmate, but he has become a legend in the art world.

As Anna tries to get closer to her famous friend, she's pursued by his aide, Nick Boxer, and art critic Ethan Saks. Anna hooks up with Nick and Ethan, and they soon become inseparable. She tries to cover over the agony of her past by transforming into a Marilyn Monroe doppelganger, but she soon discovers that won't protect her from heartbreak and other dangers.

About me: J.G. (Gerald, Gerry, Jerry} Rothberg founded Circus Magazine, the legendary rock and roll publication and had been its editor and publisher for forty years. Rothberg is the author of "The Esau Swindle," "Love Song for Montana Greene," the just-released “Memoirs of a Woman With Two Lovers," and the forthcoming fantasy novel "Billy B Gude, and the Escape from Elsinore Castle."


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