Memoirs of a Woman With Two Lovers. 
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I first met Andy Warhol in the early 1960s at the "Factory" on East 47th Street, NYC, where he painted, interviewed, accepted visitors, and hangers-on. Andy often said,  he believed he made it, when his paintings were in the permanent collection of that Museum. Sadly the painting was acquired after his death in 1987.Photo, right, Anna; opposite her Andy Warhol. Read my novel when Anna, a Marilyn Monroe double visits Warhol's first gallery opening in New York, exhibiting the Marilyn Monroe paintings. In 1962 Anna, the fictional character arrives in New York, and hopes to rekindle her friendship with her childhood playmate, Pop Artist, Andy Warhol, but ends in disaster.  J.G. Rothberg writes a heart-wrenching novel with "Memoirs of a woman with Two Lovers," of love, intimacy, life spiraling quixotically, and an attempt to murder.

Above. Black, and white head shot of Marilyn Monroe, the publicity photo from the film "Niagara." Andy Warhol used this photograph for his Marilyn Monroe paintings, hanging in the Museum of Modern Art in New York. What is referred to as the Gold Marilyn, truly an iconic image, is in the permanent collection of MoMA.

Iconic 1962 video of Marilyn Monroe singing "Happy Birthday" to President John F. Kennedy. "Memoirs of a Woman With Two Lovers," is about Anna, a Marilyn Monroe doppelganger begins at this point. Anna soon moves to New York to rekindle a childhood friendship with Pop Artist Andy Warhol, but encounters disaster. My novel ends with an emotional bang, as Anna lay in a New York hospital, and President Kennedy is murdered in Dallas.

An Exciting New Novel by the Publisher of Circus Magazine

I'm J.G. Rothberg, and I've got lots to tell you. My new historical novel, "Memoirs of a Woman with Two Lovers," will satisfy the appetites of those who desire to read about the changing American Culture of the 1960s. I follow one woman, Anna as she winds her way through the world of Pop Art, celebrity, and political icons. "Memoirs of a Woman with Two Lovers" sums up the conflicting emotions of the time, bringing together its idealism and its darker side. You especially won't want to miss how it ends!

Anna arrives in New York, hoping to rekindle her childhood friendship with Pop Artist Andy Warhol. She soon becomes a Marilyn Monroe doppelganger, but fears for her life when she learns of the rumors of an alleged love affair between Monroe, and President John F. Kennedy.

Memoirs of a Woman with Two Lovers

Relive the Idealism and the Dark Side of the Sixties

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In this period novel, Anna befriends two men, Nick and Ethan, both connected with the art world. Her obsession with Marilyn Monroe leads her to undertake a complete makeover in the hands of Tweetie, a clairvoyant, palm reading, hairdresser. With forays into music clubs in Greenwich Village with both her lovers, to taverns, and to watering holes, Anna elicits stares, and whistles as a Monroe doppelganger. At a Taylor Mead poetry reading, a transvestite grabs her crotch, and is surprised she is the real thing: a woman.

The novel is episodic, as a roommate attempts to poison Anna with plant leaves mixed into to her breakfast of waffles and strawberries. Nick her one lover is a drug addict, who spreads happiness and semen among various ladies in the Andy Warhol entourage; Ethan, the other lover, an art critic is an anxious lover, yet pushes his career to higher levels.

A young man arrives toward the end of the enigmatic novel, a friend of Nick's from rehab, a musician, and guitarist who claims he's Andy Warhol's son, exploding another element to the story. We learned from the very first pages of Anna's childhood friendship with Warhol, that she had given birth to a boy, when she was sixteen, with the infant immediately sold for adoption. A life event Anna agonizes over throughout the pages of the novel.

Eventually Anna's fate hangs on love, intimacy, and the good doctors who work to save her life. The story ends with a surprise emotional bang, as JFK is murdered in Dallas, and Anna lay in a coma in a hospital in New York.

This historical novel, "Memoirs of a Woman With Two Lovers," is the author's third and most provocative novel, yet. You hold your breath; the pages fly and you are immersed in this roller coaster ride, down the slippery slope of a romance for all of us, and for all times. Coming soon my fantasy novel, "Billy B. Gude, and the Escape from Elsinore Castle."

You may also remember me from Circus Magazine, America's cutting-edge weekly that covered the rock 'n roll industry over four amazing decades. I was the founding publisher and editor of Circus Magazine here in New York City, where many fantastic music journalists got thei6r starts. The magazine reached a lot of teenager readers, and young adults in those days with some of the best rock journalism ever produced.

I've authored three novels: "The Esau Swindle", "Love Song for Montana Greene", and my latest, "Memoirs of a Woman with Two Lovers". Now that I've turned a page in my career, I invite you to check out my latest novel — order it today from Amazon Books, Barnes & Noble, or other fine booksellers.

About me: J.G. (Gerald, Gerry, Jerry) Rothberg founded Circus Magazine, the legendary rock and roll publication and had been its editor and publisher for forty years.

Rothberg is the author of "The Esau Swindle," "Love Song for Montana Greene," the just-released “Memoirs of a Woman With Two Lovers," and the forthcoming fantasy novel "Billy B Gude, and the Escape from Elsinore Castle."


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