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5 Great Tips To Lower Your Increasing Cost of Car Insurance

By GERALD ROTHBERG (Updated April 10 2024) 

It's a challenge to get the right policy for your car insurance, especially if you're new to buying insurance. Even if you're and old hand at this, the following auto insurance tips will guide you along, helping you save money on car insurance coverage. 

With rising inflation these days if you already have insurance. there's a good possibility you are paying more than you should. This is all the more reason to check, and compare Auto Insurance rates. Inflation won't disappear soon.

By doing some comparison auto insurance shopping you could very well save yourself quite a lot of money during the course of the year. So keep your money in your pocket; hold down creeping inflation, and high insurance costs with the following: So compare car insurance compnaies frequently, and get a car insurance comparison quote.

1. Increase Your Deductible 
Increasing your deductible is our Number One tip to lower your premium. This means very simply: You increase the amount you have to pay out of pocket before your insurance pays out. Caution: If you're in a heavy accident, you will pay more money before your insurance company covers damages. Generally if you're a safe driver, monthly costs with increased deductible, can be worth it. 

2. Safe Travel Discounts
You can get discounts for safe driving. Text or call your insurance company to determine how to enroll in this kind of safe driving discount program. Once you are successfully enrolled your premium will be lower on your next bill. Discuss with your Carrier how much you can save with this Safe Driving option of your Auto insurance premium.

Telematics insurance programs are also a great way to obtain Safe Drivers Discounts. Call your carrier abut these programs. You could be looking at savings as large as 30%. The savings vary from state to state. 

3. Install Anti-Theft Systems
Lower your annual auto insurance rates buying an anti-theft device to place in your vehicle. You may get a discount s high as 25%.

4. Buy a Cheaper Car
If money is tight, and in many instances it is, before plunking down your hard earned cash on the car, compare the insurance costs among different vehicles. Auto insurance premiums are calculated through a variety of factors, and some of those factors are based on the car itself, including the car's price, repair costs and general safety record. A Chevrolet costs less to insure than a Mercedes Benz. You get the point. 

5, Ask for More Discounts
Don't be shy. Ask your insurance company on any auto coverage with unadvertised discounts. Don't let them push you away. Ask to check on their computers.You may be surprised. Once you believe you got your rock bottom auto insurance premium cost, compare the discount prices with those from other car insurers.  

It's always best to choose your car carefully. Keep in mind  luxury cars cost more to insure than value-priced cars, and many insurance companies these days offer discounts for eco-friendly hybrid and electric vehicles.

Copyright (c)2023 by Gerald Rothberg. All rights reserved.

(Check back frequently. We will be updating, and adding more Tips on Lowering Your Car Insurance)

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