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Gerald Rothberg, Circus Magazine founder, editor-publisher with Kiss, and Lita Ford at NYC headquarters. Ford received the Gold Plaque Award at our Rock n' Roll Wall of Fame. Kiss arrived to paint me up.

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Rock Music News - Week Ending January 12, 2019:

Whitesnake To Release 13th Studio Album "Flesh & Blood" in May 2019

Whitesnake cover of Circus Magazine

Whitesnake Explodes. David Coversale on the cover of January 31, 1988 edition of Circus Magazine. Hailed then as Rock's Newest Supergroup!

Now the band readies another explosion. Whitesnake will release "Flesh & Blood’" the band’s first collection of original material since 2011’s "Forevermore" to coincide with a world-wide tour.

The band's global 2019 tour to begin in April, will be a continued celebration of their 40th anniversary. Tour dates to be announced.

Def Leppard Leader of the Pack as Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Announces 2019 Nominees

Making the list of nominees for 2019 are: Def Leppard, Devo, Janet Jackson, John Prine Kraftwerk, LL Cool J, MC5, Radiohead, Rage Against the Machine. Roxy Music, Rufus featuring Chaka Khan, Stevie Nicks, The Cure, The Zombies. Todd Rundgren.

Def Lappard & Joe Elliott

It's official. Def Leppard inducted in Rock Hall of Fame.  Band is top fan vote-getter, snagging more than half a  million fan votes. Joe Elliott, and Def Lappard as they appear in Centerfold of October 31, 1986 edition of Circus Magazine. 

First time nominees are, Def Leppard, Devo, John Prine, Roxy Music, Stevie Nicks, and Todd Rundgren. Fans may cast their votes at or in person at the Museum in Cleveland, Ohio.

Bon Jovi Set To Host Summer 2019 Cruise

Jon Bon Jovi and Norwegian Cruise Line will host two four-day "Runaway to Paradise" cruises in the spring and summer 2019. The Norwegian Jade will set to sail from Miami to Nassau, Bahamas from April 12-16, 2019, and Norwegian Pearl will sail from Barcelona to Palma, Majorca from August 26-30, 2019.

At each port Bon Jovi and his 11-piece Kings of Suburbia band will join guests for a full nighttime concert.

February 1970 Edition Circus Magazine, One of Most Uncanny We Had Ever Produced

Circus Magazine Cover

Can you possibly imagine anyone today in media asking the question posed on the cover of this issue of Circus Magazine? One of the most uncanny cover stories we had produced asked a question which may sound strange today, but was very relevant then. It was a time of youth rebellion, and a time when 30 seemed old.

Tragically four of our cover subjects didn't make it through the 1970s, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, and Elvis Presley

Stay tuned. More about this issue, the mistakes, inconsistencies, in continuing story of My History with Circus Magazine.

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Circus Magazine A Day in Rock Music History

October 4, 1970

Janis Joplin is Dead of an Overdose

Janis Joplin October 1970Nicknamed "Pearl, Janis Joplin died oof an overdose at age 27, on October 4, 1970. Her fourth album, Pearl was released four months after her death. We remember Janis Joplin as one of America's most loved rock stars.

This edition of Circus Magazine, October 1970, went to press in early September of that year.

Circus mag cover for about me

About Us: Circus Magazine, the legendary rock music publication was founded by  Gerald Rothberg in 1966. He has been its editor and publisher for over forty years.

(All pages, including all logos of Circus Magazine, Circus Raves, Hullabaloo Magazine, on all pages of are Copyright (c) 2018 by Gerald Rothberg. All rights reserved.)

My 40 Year History with Circus Magazine The Legendary Rock Music Publication

By Gerald Rothberg
Circus Magazine Founder,
Editor, and Publisher.

Gerald Rothberg

(Copyright ©2018 by Gerald Rothberg. All rights reserved.)

My history of Circus Magazine? Yes, that's a story I've been prompted to tell, for years. Now is the time. So, rather than wait a year, or two, or more for me to complete a manuscript, I thought it best to jot down notes as they entered my head.

This way, information will be transmitted instantly. True, with all warts, and welts. But that makes the tale grittier, I suppose. Stay tuned, Dear Reader. History of rock music's legendary publication, Circus Magazine begins now. 

Before Circus Magazine there was Hullabaloo. The name change occurred in 1969. But that is a story for later on. The first issue of the magazine was born on a long mahogany wood dining table, purchased used for $10. from a thrift shop. The table was set complete with a clunky upright typewriter typed copy for the issue, X-acto knife, t-square, rulers, paste-up glue, white out, copy paper, and paste-up boards.

Jimi Hendrix Beatles George Harrison, and Pattie Boyd

First issue, Beatles  George Harrison, and model Pattie Boyd. The couple married January 21, 1966. Jimi Hendrix graced the first cover of Circus Magazine. 

David Dalton was our first editor, who helped focus of the mag toward a serious appreciation of rock music. I did some writing, but David and freelancers did the bulk of the writing. Note the first issue, which featured British model Pattie Boyd, with Beatles George Harrison.

Yes, the English invasion had already begun a year or so earlier. The Animals were here, The Rolling StonesDave Clark 5, and even Herman's Hermits. Note the first edition of Circus Magazine, with an incredible portrait photograph of Jimi Hendrix, snapped by a young Jeff Mayer, who became one of our regular rock music photographers.

Eric Burdon, and the Animals

British Rock band Eric Burdon, and the Animals. Our first centerfold. "House of the Rising Sun,"  became transAtlantic hit song, after its release by MGM Records in 1964. Described as first folk-rock hit.

The first official staff of Hullabaloo was, me, as editor-publisher, David Dalton, art director, and editor. Ian Cremer listed as editor-in-chief, and Bruce Gedman, associate editor-publisher.

Sarah Dalton, David's sister, wrote the London Cable, Bruce Gedman wrote a music column and Didier Delaunoy wrote record reviews. Norm Schreiber, and Jeff Steinberg were our go-to freelance writers. Jeff later became our editor.

What I remember vividly about David, during a busy day was a telephone call that would come in from his mom. She spoke with a broad British accent. David was both editor, and art director for the mag, and had much to do in our office, which was my Studio apartment.

The phone rings, and I answer. This was a landline desk unit that sat in the middle of the long table.

She: Is David there?
Me: May I ask who's calling?
She: His mother.
Me: David, your mother is on the phone.
David: Tell her I'll call back in a moment.
Me. He'll call you back in a moment.
She: Thank you.

This conversation went on a few times a day until David returned the call to his mom.


The original staff. Left to right: Gerry Rothberg, Bruce Gedman, Jan Cremer, Darling, and David Dalton.

David Dalton could be seen at Steve Paul's the Scene, on New York's West 46 Street, with his new friend Linda Eastman, a photography newbie. Steve Paul was an affable guy, open, and friendly.

Rock music heavies, like Jimi Hendrix, played the Scene, while British invasion bands jammed, and hung out. Linda became one of our earliest photographers, as well as Linda McCartney. Yes, Paul McCartney's wife. 

At this time it was necessary to secure national distribution for the magazine. I was fortunate to hook up with Ace Distribution Company headed by the affable, and involved Aaron A. Wyn. A.A. Wyn founded Ace Books, which at that time was a well-known publisher of science fiction, and fantasy paperback books.

The first success for this company, however, were with mysteries, and westerns. These genres were known as pulp fiction. Pulp because of the paper it was printed on.

The magazine started out as a pulp magazine, with color inserts, and was printed by an offset press. The first edition of Hullabaloo, soon to become Circus Magazine, was produced at a printing press company in Upstate New York.

(Continue reading. History of Circus Magazine Page 2)

Week Ending January 12, 2019: Best Circus Magazine Cover from Circus Magazine Official WebSite, Voted by Fans

Circus Magazine Iron Maiden Cover

Circus Magazine | January 31, 1985 edition.

Enduring Images Through The Decades With Circus Magazine

Steve Perry


Queen 1974

Sebastian Bach

Linda Carter, Wonder Woman

Ted Nugent & Freddie Mercury

Above, Steve Perry, Journey. Scorpions, Queen. Skid Row's Sebastian Bach, Wonder Woman, as portrayed by Lynda Carter, an vintage portraits in performance of Ted Nugent. and Freddie Mercury. More about these images to come in our continuing series, updated weekly. Read on. 

About me: Circus Magazine, the legendary rock music publication was founded by Gerald Rothberg in 1966. He has been its editor and publisher for over forty years.

Rothberg is the author of "The Esau Swindle," "Love Song for Montana Greene," the just-released “Memoirs of a Woman With Two Lovers," and the forthcoming fantasy novel "Billy B Gude, and the

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