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Hot New Mystery Suspense Thriller from Circus Magazine founder J.G. Rothberg.


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(New York)  “Love Song for Montana Greene” by J. G. Rothberg creates a chilling thriller, merging murder mystery with mystical writings, collected from more than 3,000 years of religious and literary history, while leaving readers captivated from the first to the very last page.  On Sale Now.  

When Montana Greene is about to return to New York from Prague where he has just completed studies for a Ph.D in Mysticism and Kabbalah he receives a phone call from the U.S. embassy informing him that his old professor was murdered the night before, and he is a suspect.



Montana sets out on a quest with his friend and student of Kabbalah, the celebrated Metropolitan Opera singer Miki Bel-Hart, on a danger-laden trek to unlock clues Montana’s professor scribbled with his own blood moments before his death. 


The protagonists embark on the terrifying investigation of Kabbalah’s great mysteries, and the myth of the Golem of Prague; and unknown to them, a search for a vital antidote that will save Montana from gruesome death.


This bone chilling, mystery thriller leads Montana and Miki on perilous travels through France, Spain and Germany, just a step ahead of violent goons, seeking to unravel these same clues.

A vintage pic of the author and editor/publisher of Circus Magazine, Gerry Rothberg and Grand Funk Railroad's Mark Farner.